Treating aortic stenosis with a fully repositionable and fully retrievable TAVI device

  • Thierry Lefèvre

    Dr Thierry Lefèvre is Head of the Interventional Cardiology Department and Head of Research at the Institut Cardiovasculaire Paris Sud at Institut Hospitalier Jacques Cartier in Massy, France.

  • Murat Tuzcu

    Murat Tuzcu, M.D. is a Professor of Medicine, Vice Chairman of the Robert and Suzanne Tomsich Department of Cardiovascular Medicine, and a Staff Physician in the Section of Interventional Cardiology in the Sydell and Arnold Heart & Vascular Institute.

Session details
  • Chairpersons: Thierry LEFÈVRE, Murat TUZCU
  • Speakers: Thierry LEFÈVRE, Robert BAUERNSCHMITT, Federico DE MARCO, Hüseyin INCE, Azeem LATIB, Antonio COLOMBO, Murat TUZCU
  • Objectives:
    To understand how the Direct Flow Medical technology can improve TAVI outcomes
    To become familiar with the implant technique for the Direct Flow Medical TAVI system
    To review clinical results and real-world experience with the Direct Flow Medical valve
  • Introduction and objectives (T. Lefèvre)
  • Implications of aortic regurgitation: a surgeon's view (R. Bauernschmitt) - 3min40
  • Improving TAVI outcomes: the Direct Flow Medical technology approach (F. De Marco) - 10min48
  • LIVE demonstration from Contilia Heart and Vascular Center - Essen, Germany - 16min13
  • Clinical results and real-world experience with the Direct Flow Medical system (H. Ince) - 1h07min55
  • Case-based LIVE demonstration from San Raffaele Hospital, Milan, Italy (A. Latib) - 1h14min09
  • Case reviews (A. Colombo) - 1h34min30
  • Discussion (panel) – 1h43min37
  • Take-home message (M. Tuzcu) - 1h48min40

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