What have we learned about renal denervation? Medtronic's SYMPLICITY HTN-3 trial and global SYMPLICITY registry - Data from the clinical setting and real-world experience

  • Michael Böhm

    Dr Böhm is Director of the Klinik für Innere Medizin III and Chief of Cardiology at the University of the Saarland in Homburg/Saar in Germany. Professor Böhm’s special interest includes pathophysiology and therapy of heart failure.

  • Roland Schmieder

    Dr. Schmieder is professor of internal medicine, nephrology and hypertension, head of the Clinical Research Center of Hypertension and Vascular Medicine, Department of Nephrology and Hypertension of the University Hospital Erlangen, Germany.

Session details
  • Chairpersons: Michael BÖHM, Roland SCHMIEDER
  • Speakers: Michael BÖHM, Manesh PATEL, Felix MAHFOUD, Roland SCHMIEDER
  • Objectives:
    To learn insights and new data from the SYMPLICITY HTN-3 clinical trial
    To discuss what we have learned from SYMPLICITY HTN-3 and to evaluate the real-world body of evidence we now have for renal denervation
    To discuss what the future holds for renal denervation and what data we might see in the future
  • Introduction and objectives (M. Böhm)
  • What we have learned from SYMPLICITY HTN-3 (M. Patel) — 6min05
  • SYMPLICITY HTN-3 subset analysis (M. Patel) — 29min35
  • Global SYMPLICITY registry subset analysis (M. Böhm) — 46min00
  • Pooled safety analysis (F. Mahfoud) — 57min41
  • Take-home message - What the future holds for renal denervation (R. Schmieder) — 1h12min22

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