Left atrial appendage closure: latest insights in patient selection and procedure techniques

  • Carlos E. Ruiz

    Dr. Ruiz is currently the Director Congenital & Structural Heart Disease for North Shore LIJ Health System. He is full professor of pediatrics and medicine. He has served on the editorial board of many prestigious cardiology journals, and has published over 200 manuscripts in peer reviewed journals in addition to many book chapters.

  • Horst Sievert

    Dr. Horst Sievert is the Director of the CardioVascular Center Frankfurt, Sankt Katharinen, and the Department of Internal Medicine, Cardiology and Vascular Medicine of the Sankt Katharinen Hospital in Frankfurt, Germany. He is also an Associate Professor of Internal Medicine/Cardiology at the University of Frankfurt.

Session details
  • Chairpersons: Carlos E. RUIZ, Horst SIEVERT
  • Speakers: Horst SIEVERT, Olaf FRANZEN, Andrew COOK, Jose ZAMORANO, Carlos E. RUIZ
  • Objectives:
    To understand the latest insights in left atrial appendage closure procedures, techniques and devices
    To learn about performing left atrial appendage procedures

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