PVL reduction with a second generation valve. Clinical evidence and case reviews with the Lotus Valve

  • Prof. Dr. med. Eberhard Grube

    University Hospital Bonn, Germany

  • Prof. Ian Meredith

    Monash HEART, Monash Health & Monash University, Australia

Session details
  • Chairpersons: Eberhard GRUBE, Ian T. MEREDITH
  • Speakers: Eberhard GRUBE, Didier TCHÉTCHÉ, Ganesh MANOHARAN, Jan KOVAK, Ian T. MEREDITH, Nicolas VAN MIEGHEM, Ted FELDMAN
  • Objectives:
    To learn the latest update from clinical evidence on PVL data from the 250 patient cohort from the REPRISE II/REPRISE II extension studies
    To understand the potential of PVL prevention in challenging procedures/patient anatomies with a second generation valve through concrete case reviews
  • Introduction and objectives (E. Grube)
  • Prevention of PVL in eccentric annuli and bicuspid anatomies (D. Tchétché)
  • Prevention of PVL in heavily calcified annuli (G. Manoharan)
  • Prevention of PVL with true repositionability (J. Kovak)
  • REPRISE 250 (I. Meredith)
  • RESPOND post market study (N. Van Mieghem)
  • REPRISE III (T. Feldman)

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