Advancing cardiology with innovative technologies

  • Tian-Hai KOH

    Tian-Hai KOH

    Medical Director, National Heart Centre, Singapore

  • Robert-Jan VAN GEUNS

    Robert-Jan VAN GEUNS

    MD, PhD, Thoraxcenter, Erasmus Hospital Rotterdam, The Netherlands

Session details
  • Chairpersons: Tian-Hai KOH, Robert-Jan VAN GEUNS
  • Speakers: Tian-Hai KOH, Kay-Woon HO, Huay Cheem TAN, Robert-Jan VAN GEUNS
  • Objectives:
    To know more about the advancement of stent technology by Boston Scientific and the clinical experience of TAVR treatment with Lotus aortic valve
  • Introduction and objectives (T.H. Koh)
  • Lotus: next generation valve addressing current TAVR limitations (K.W. Ho)
  • Synergy: designed to heal (H.C. Tan)
  • Synergy: heal with confidence (R.J. Van Geuns)
  • Take-home message (R.J. Van Geuns)

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