From simple to complex lesions: will the robust IN.PACT drug-coated balloon evidence shift the peripheral artery disease treatment paradigm?

Chairpersons: Erwing BLESSING, Antonio MICARI


To be updated on the level I clinical evidence regarding durability and clinical effectiveness of the IN. PACT drug coated balloon in the treatment of femoropopliteal artery disease
To understand how the current evidence applies and translates into day to day, real-world superficial artery disease patient management and represents a paradigm shift in current superficial artery disease treatment
To learn why each drug coated balloon stands on its own merit and how technology and mechanism of action differ


Session objectives

E. Blessing

Deep Dive: IN PACT superficial artery disease 2-year outcomes

A. Micari

Understand the science behind the latest evidence

F. Fanelli

Successful use of IN.PACT drug coated balloon in complex lesions: a real world experience

E. Blessing

Key learnings

E. Blessing


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