From LEADERS to LEADERS FREE : A patient centric approach

Chairpersons: Christoph K. NABER, Aaron WONG


To understand how to identify High Bleeding Risk (HBR) patients and what is the prevalence in clinical practice
To learn how LEADERS FREE impacts current management of HBR patients
To understand how Bleeding Risk status affects stent choice
To explore how Biolimus (BA9) differentiates from other limus drugs and how this may impact clinical outcomes


Session objectives

A. Wong

Who are High Bleeding Risk patients? – Experience from LEADERS FREE

M.C. Morice

High Bleeding Risk patients and 1 month DAPT – A paradigm shift with LEADERS FREE

A. Abizaid

High Bleeding Risk or non-High Bleeding Risk? Insights from clinical practice

P.J.L. Ong

Are all limus drugs the same? Impact on clinical outcomes with Biolimus (BA9) stent technology

D. Tresukosol

Key learnings

C.K. Naber

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