DES, BRS and DAPT duration - do we now know what’s best for our patients?

Chairpersons: M. VALGIMIGLI, R. MEHRAN


To review and discuss the available evidence on DAPT duration after DES or BRS implantation
To understand the characteristics of polymers and the impact on patient outcome
To learn more about the first evidence on DAPT duration after BRS implantation


Session objectives

R. Mehran

Pro shorter-term DAPT

M. Valgimigli

Pro longer-term DAPT

R. Mehran

Role of polymer thromboresistance in DAPT

R. Virmani

Optimal management of my high bleeding risk patient

T. Palmerini

DAPT discontinuation one year after BRS implantation

R.J. Van Geuns

Session evaluation and key learnings

M. Valgimigli


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