From LEADERS FREE to clinical practice: a case-based approach in tailoring stent treatment to patients and their bleeding risk

Chairpersons: P. URBAN, C. TAMBURINO


To understand the criteria for high bleeding risk patients and to identify these patients in clinical practice
To understand how a drug-coated stent allows DAPT to be shortened and tailored to the individual patient
To explore how biodegradable-polymer and polymer-free drug-coated stents provide solutions to patients with or without a high bleeding risk


Session objectives

C. Tamburino

Case 1: from DAPT to triple therapy, increasing the risk of bleeding

G. Richardt

Case 2: elderly patient with multiple comorbidities

G. Sardella

Case 3: uncertain bleeding risk in the case of STEMI

D. Carrié

Case 4: coronary stenting in patients scheduled for TAVI

R. Moreno

Session evaluation and key learnings

P. Urban


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