The Synergy stent: expanding treatment options in complex PCI

Chairpersons: K.G. OLDROYD, F.J. NEUMANN


To recognise how biodegradable polymer DES design may impact DAPT duration and clinical outcomes
To learn how the Synergy stent is being used in complex patient subsets
To understand the current clinical evidence, latest available clinical data and interventional cardiology pipeline


Session objectives

K.G. Oldroyd

Case 1: biodegradable polymer DES in bifurcation lesion

R. Byrne

Case 2: FFR assessment in multivessel PCI

J. Escaned

Case 3: biodegradable polymer DES in left main PCI

S. Kedev

Case 4: the European experience with hybrid approach in CTO PCI - the RECHARGE registry

J. Dens

Building the next chapter in complex PCI : biodegradable polymer DES, fully resorbable stent and beyond

K. Dawkins

Session evaluation and key learnings

F.J. Neumann


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