Strategies for complex PCI treatment: optimising your procedural outcomes while managing costs through novel and innovative technologies

Chairpersons: A. BANNING, F. PINTO


To understand how physiology can help you guide, decide and confirm your treatment strategies in complex anatomy
To appraise how novel image guidance technologies can improve complex PCI procedures
To specifically discuss the health economics considerations of novel imaging and physiology-driven treatment strategies


Session objectives

A. Banning

Resolving serial and diffuse lesions with iFR Scout

F. Hellig

Using IVUS co-registration imaging technologies to improve left main lesion guidance and associated outcomes

D. Dudek

Identifying the revascularisation targets in a multivessel disease with physiology and IVUS guidance

J. Escaned

Complex bifurcation lesion treatment can be made easier with the novel cardiac RoadMap image guidance technology

T. Zeus

Reflections on the impact of imaging and physiolgy-related innovative technologies: what is in it for you?

L. Annemans

Key learnings and session evaluation

F. Pinto


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