Portico - when expertise meets simplicity: key learnings

Chairpersons: G. FONTANA, H. MOELLMANN


To learn about the latest worldwide developments with the St. Jude Medical Portico valve
To learn on Portico the first to innovate with fully recapturable valve
To review and discuss a selection of complex TAVI cases and how Portico helped in solving them


Session objectives

H. Moellmann

Advancing the science and evidence-based medicine of heart valves: Portico clinical programme update

L. Sondergaard

Solopath: the use of the Solopath re-collapsible sheath for challenging femoral access with the Portico transcatheter valve

A. Linke

Why is Portico the valve of choice for these types of indications?

F. Nietlispach

Session evaluation and key learnings

G. Fontana


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