TAVI: How to best manage concomitant procedures in structural heart therapies?

Chairpersons: F. Maisano , D. Tchétché


To learn the preferred strategy for bi-valvular disease: while a staged approach may represent a preferable strategy in selected patients, concomitant treatment of combined cardiac diseases represents an appealing option in a majority of patients
To learn more about the Portico valve specifically designed for future patient care to improve TAVI procedures outcome


Session objectives

D. Tchétché

Case 1: how to best treat bi-valvular disease in TAVI patients; concomitant procedures or staged?

L. Sondergaard

Case 2: is there a future for LAA occlusion therapy in atrial fibrillation patients indicated for TAVI?

D. Arzamendi

Session evaluation and key learnings

F. Maisano


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