Transcatheter heart valve therapies for all heart valves: from an innovation strategy to mainstream therapy

Chairpersons: M.B. Leon , S. Windecker


To learn about the Edwards Lifesciences innovation pipeline for the aortic, mitral, tricuspid and pulmonary valve
To understand the latest and upcoming evidence in the aortic field
To learn about the economic value of innovative technology


Session objectives

S. Windecker

The aortic valve: standard of care for intermediate-risk, high-risk and inoperable patients; expanded indication studies underway

B. Prendergast

What is the value of innovation in less invasive procedures to patients and healthcare systems?

M. Ayling

TAVI optimisation with the Edwards SAPIEN 3 Valve – "7 Cases in a day" - Recorded case from Leiden University Medical Center - Leiden, The Netherlands

F. van der Kley

Session evaluation and key learnings

M.B. Leon


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